DSC04433Ladakh is a fascinating place to visit .The Great Himalayan Range spreads across with its colourful mountains. It was like a dream come true for me when we travelled to Leh from Delhi by road. Never have I seen nature at its best with beautiful landscapes and pollution free air. Himalayas are, without any doubt majestic. Mankind cannot create anything like this. Leh is the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, now Leh District in Jammu & Kashmir State. We took the road from Manali (in Himachal Pradesh) to reach Leh (distance of 473 kms).It took us two days for the ascend with an overnight stop at Jispa. The route was spectacular with winding, narrow roads and military checkpoints. We had to cross various passes like Rohtang la, Tanglang la, Baralacha la, Chang la (La is a “pass”) which were ranging between 13000-16000 ft altitude. Excited with the thought that we will camp in Sarchu tents overnight, our journey from Manali started witnessing an awesome and scenic route.Near Baralacha La 3DSC04386DSC04452
Crossing Rohtang pass, we saw a huge traffic jam on the road. Being a single lane winding road one has to wait in case of a traffic halt. To see what caused the roadblock, we walked up to the epicenter. And gosh, it was a terrible landslide that had occurred the previous night due to rains and one stretch of the road was completely broken. All the more, there were trucks, military cantonment who had been waiting for more than 15 hrs trying to clear up the mess. I lost hope that we would continue our journey to Leh as it was a horrific sight to see. The traffic was halted for about 4 kms and one can imagine the plight of tourists and locals, since there are only two roads to reach Leh, one from Manali and the other from Srinagar. Also the daily cargo, essentials for the inhabitants in Leh were being transported via this route.DSC04453
We chilled out in a nearby tea shop for sometime with some Maggi noodles. The traffic was clearing up very slowly. Hats off to Indian Army and the truck drivers who helped clearing up the mess. Atlast after 7 hrs of long wait, we started our ascend. All the plans of staying in Sarchu went for a toss and so we halted in Jispa. It was also a wonderful experience because we could see the moonlight (full moon day) falling on the river showing a silvery radiance in the water.Junior Lamas DSC04492

Reaching Leh(Little Tibet) we visited monasteries (called Gonpa),Leh palace, and Shanti Stupa(the sunset view is brilliant). Leh is small town, dominated by Tibetans situated at an altitude of 13000 ft. Its clean, unpolluted without any plastic bags.After 2 days of acclaimatisation, our real adventure started.


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