Where else, just on the edge of a capital city (or any other city for that matter), only 15-20 minutes from the centre of town, can you go and confidently expect to see lions and rhinos, and much more, in the wild.This is Nairobi National Park situated in Nairobi, the capital city of It is 117 sq kms ,teeming with game and contains almost everything you might see bigger and more remote parks, except elephants. In fact it is the best place in Kenya, if not the whole of Africa, to see Black rhinos in the wild.


A Male Impala


Zebras grazing




Friendly fight of Gazelles

There is a wide variety of habitats from open grass plains to rocky river gorges and dry forest. This variety attracts a wide range of wildlife, with over 400 species of bird being recorded in the park as well as over 100 types of mammal. It takes 3-4 hours to get around and see most of the park, and there are some roads suitable for saloon cars. There are various picnic sites and a nature trail at Hippo pools. Some of the plains game disperses across the Athi plains in the wet season but moves back into the park in July and August as there are permanent water holes.

We can hire a safari guide of Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS) from the main entrance gate if we are coming in our own private vehicle. Or just purchase a park map, which can help out with the directions inside the park.


Giraffes on the way


White Rhino


Majestic Lion


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