IMG_1329IMG_1375IMG_1359IMG_1342The only sanctuary for Chimpanzees are found in Kenya in the whole of east Africa. This is situated in Ol pejeta conservancy in Nanyuki, about 200 kms from Nairobi. It is a private sanctuary teeming with wildlife.

The  chimpanzee sanctuary is definitely worth visiting where the conservation efforts are greatly done for this endangered species. Chimpanzees share 99% DNA like humans . They have around 32 teeth like humans and average life span is around 40 years. Its said that a fully grown chimp has an average intelligence of a 3-4 year old child. Their gestation period is 8 ½ months and reproduces single baby at a time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot of the chimpanzee family. They are joyful to look at and naughty .

So do not miss out these lovely creatures , mother nature has given us.Image


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