Mother and calf zebra

Today’s picture I have posted reminds me of this quote. ”

“The only time you turn your back on a child is for them to hop on.”


Majestic yawn

That is what is called a majestic yawn!!!! The tongue is so large hiding the canine teeth…

The beauty of Mara Migration

Hi fellow bloggers. Hope you all are hail and hearty enjoying the beautiful aspects of life. I was away from the blogging world for sometime but am back now with some interesting stories and pictures. It is the wildebeest migration season now at Masai Mara ,Kenya. The annual Wildebeest Migration at the Maasai Mara is a natural cycle that replenishes and renews the grasslands of East Africa. Each June, around 1.3 million Wildebeest gather in the Serengeti to calve. DPP_0304 There is no better time to visit the Mara than during the Great Migration. The sound of the approaching herd is a deep, primal rumbling of thundering hooves and low grunts. The sight of the wildebeest is staggering- a continuous charging mass that stretches from one horizon to the other this endless grey river of life is mottled with black and white as zebras join the throng. DPP_0314 As happens each year, the herds will gather at the banks in preparation for the most perilous stretch of their journey.As sheer pressure builds, the herds are finally forced to surge into the river, often hurling themselves off high banks. In the struggle across the Mara River, many are drowned or swept away by strong currents. The crossing attracts massive crocodiles who each year awaits this season of bounty.What am presenting to you is the sight of the wildebeests and zebras marching towards the river and waiting for the leader to start the crossing. DPP_0371 DPP_0389  \ DPP_0399 DPP_0328

We are a family

The elephants have immense determination and loyalty – always standing up for others and always defending members of the group in its natural habitat.This shot was taken at Masai Mara ,Kenya


This is Rupell’s Vulture.Do you know-it is actually scavengers – not predators – that eat the majority of meat available in the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem.By consuming dead animals, scavengers play a key role in the environment by preventing disease outbreaks and recycling nutrients.